By AD Enderly


A Novel

Hello, my name is Anno.

¬†I have always been fascinated with the observations of today and how that translates to a different tomorrow. Complex is my debut novel, and it delves deep into the seedy underbelly of what I’m convinced the future holds for us.

Climate catastrophe has come and stayed long enough that it has evolved into background noise. A consideration only when the red rain falls or the nitrowind blows. Powerful corporations have morphed into Complexes, neo-feudal entities that are allowed to bind people with nothing more than a signature. Populations have fragmented, and what’s left is a dog eat dog world where revolutionaries and governments and complexes alike conspire for their own ends.


“Enderly’s science fiction series opener moves at an impressive pace…the delightfully head-spinning denouement will surely have readers hankering for another installment.”
– Kirkus Reviews


“Enderly has tightly woven a grand tapestry of a brooding dystopia…peopled by real characters whose strengths and weaknesses resonate with the reader. Their struggles to comprehend and survive the growing crisis that engulfs their world will bring you to the edge of your seat.”B

– Bestselling Author Colin Alexander


“Enderly’s dystopian world is gritty and cruel…[his] faceless corporations and social scoring system are dystopian sci-fi classics that will resonate with fans of the genre…Enderly does a remarkable job of weaving together his many threads and characters, and there is broad appeal in this detailed futuristic world. Readers will want to see where this story is going.”¬†

– booklife

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